Your team was out today to lift our sagging garage floor. They were very professional, courteous, did an amazing job and they cleaned up everything so we’ll you would never know they were even here.
Great job and a pleasure dealing with your company.

Bill & Cindy Fehr

The guys at CSL did a great job leveling out our sidewalk and steps. Much less expensive than having it all replaced! Highly recommended!!

L. Dudrich

Thanks to CSL our driveway is level with our garage again. After driving over a ‘bump’ every time we went in or out of our garage it is finally fixed. A great job with no mess left behind, thank you CSL.


Concrete Specialists were professional and easy to work with. They completed everything on time and on budget. I would recommended them to anyone who needs mudjacking whether it be commercial or residential.

J. R. Cullen

I had never heard of mudjacking before and didn’t know such a thing could be done. A friend told me about concrete specialists and I am sure glad they did. Our old sinking steps are now as good as the day they were made. These guys are amazing.

Glenda R.

Great job! Very satisfied. I never knew it could be done so quickly. In and out in one day. Thank you CSL.

K. Thierry

… and your team are amazing. I have now had two experiences with “mud jacking” , the first go round…..fixing my garage floor, just did not work and cost me a lot of money for nothing. This second go ’round has been so very different, from start to finish; professional in every way and what a difference it has made.
My thanks to all of you at CSL, the only concrete “fixing” company I will ever recommend.

Diane Piper

Grant fixed out sunken driveway and did a fantastic job at a very reasonable price. We were so impressed we had him back this spring to fix our steps that were leaning to one side. Again we were very happy with the results.

The Nevsky’s

No complaints. Excellent work, good price, friendly bunch of guys.

Jody Fisher

Our garage floor was sloping to one side and water would make a puddle which was really annoying. It was getting worse over the years so we finally decided to do something about it. One company wanted an arm and a leg to replace the floor. We found out about concrete specialists on the internet and called them up. Sure glad we did. They fixed the floor in one afternoon and solved our issue for a lot less than replacing it. Cheers CSL!

Doug and Lana

If your driveway is sinking you need to check these guys out. We did and couldn’t be more pleased. My wife told everyone on our street about CSL. What a great way to fix a driveway without replacing the concrete.

Eric and Lucie

CSL did not disappoint! They were on time and did not try to price gouge us once the work was complete, as we have had down to us in the past by their competitors.
Nice & refreshing to have such an honest company that stand by their quote & their work

Brends & Doug Miller

CSL is the best! What can i say… on time… perfect lift… Lovd it!

Daina Walker

Tim was so professional. He was a joy to work with. Thankyou & we will use this company again & we have referred them to our friends.

Mona & Scott Embley

All the neighbours on our street had the same issue… sunken driveways. We received quotes from the top 4 companies in the city. We all chose to go with CSL.
So glad that we did. All 5 homes were repaired without any issues. we also received quite a nice discount for going in as a multi property project.

Emma Steinburger

CSL was good, they corrected our sunken basement floor . The water no longer pools from the water tank, it now drains perfectly as it should.
We are more than happy with the work that this company did for us. Thank you Grant. Thank you Tim.

Adam & Roberta Harvey

We highly recommend Concrete Specialists to anyone out there needing concrete repair/ mud jacking. They did what we thought could not be done. They raised our driveway over 4″ back to the height it was poured at over 15 years ago. We thought that we were going to have to replace it at a high cost, but instead they came in and worked their magic. It looks so good… same as new… without the cost of the replacement quote we had from another company. Very very happy. Use them if you have concrete issues. You won’t be disappointed!!

Stehanie Plett & Greg Dryer

CSL fixed our patio. It had a 4″ void and was hollow. They brought it back to level, were very happy with the work

Terry Ann Mosgrove

Grant & the team at CSL repaired my walk way and the area is now level & stable. Cost me less than half of replacing it.

John & Rena Bushgram

Concrete Specialists raised the concrete steps at our home and were finished in only a few hours. We could walk on it the very next day. Excellent work!

Sean & Colleen Paulmer

Our neighbors had there driveway fixed by CSL. They recommended them to us. We also needed our drive fixed. CSL did awesome job on both properties

Randy Dyson

Grant gave us a quote for our basement sinking floor. The quote was provided the same day that we called in. The work was booked for 3 weeks later and everything looks great. No more
basement problems :)

Michael & Karen Sanderling

Concrete Specialists was great to work with. I would recommend with no hesitation.

Troy J Brennan

Grant does the best work in the city! We’ve hired them 3 times for 3 different problems. His crew is always on time, and always does perfect work. Tim, the foreman is amazing as well!!!
He explained everything to me as to what to expect. All 3 repairs were done to complete satisfaction.

Marcus & Deborah Smyth

CSL was on time, and very professional. The work was done to our standard and our concrete looks brand new again. Thank you CSL for great work.

Ben & Kathy Moore

We are both very happy with the work done by CSL. They were professional and they came back to touch up a small area that settled after a couple of months. We are very satisfied with the results.

Craig & Allana Brennan

Grant was referred to us by our friends who also had their concrete lifted. He was pleasant to work with & answered all of our questions before we committed to the work.
He was very thorough and made me very aware and informed with the concrete lifting process & what I could expect.

Denise Saunderson

Our concrete was sunk about 2.5″ around our front steps & walk. It was a major trip hazard. CSL came to repair it and it is now 100% flush and no more worries about tripping on it.
Thankyou Grant & Tim . We’re more than happy with the work that your company provided. We will definitely be spreading the word about you.

Michelle Daniels & Brittney Wilkinson

Tim, the foreman was an absolute pleasure to work with. He let us know what to expect with the lifting process . He has a professional team who cleaned the area after completion.
It was a great experience. They are coming back in the spring to lift our back patio which has also sunk.

Simon & Dora Poirier

Excellent work. Would recommend them to anyone.

Ben Harper

Concrete Specialists were on time, fixed our sunk concrete, and cleaned up all materials & mess before they left our home.
We would recommend them to anyone.

Travis & Des Lamagerie

Grant gave me a quote to repair my front walk. He had said that the area would be difficult to correct but they would do their best. It turned out perfect and I am more than happy!
Thanks Grant….your attention to detail & perfection paid off. Place looks great!

Tracy Maez

CSL did a great job lifting our concrete. Very impressed with the work.

Morgan Chambers & Donna Skrable

Concrete Specialists repaired our patio, driveway & walkway. The work was completed in just a few hours and it looks great.

Marilyn & Mitch Hanover

Grant matched the price of one of his competitors quotes & repaired my sinking driveway for a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend them in the future.

Suzanne Hogan

CSL lifted our patio, back walk as well as our front steps. The concrete was badly sinking and CSL was able to bring it back up to the original height. It was a huge relief to not have to replace it.

Gladys & Ted Spencer

Concrete Specialists was a very good company to deal with. They completed all the repairs to my walkway and garage pad and it now looks good as new.

Lil Knight

We would gladly refer others to use CSL to repair their concrete needs.

Fred & Mary DeSilva

I was impressed from the time that Grant came out and explained to me how the concrete lifting process works, he was thorough and spent time with me answering all my questions, right through to the completion of my concrete repair. I would refer CSL to anyone with the same concerns.

Carlos Bosualdo

CSL exceeded our expectations and we are happy to have had them come out to repair our concrete.

Timothy & Renee Harmon

Concrete Specialists was a great company to deal with, They were fast, efficient and cleaned up any mess before they left our home. We would refer them to friends & family.

Reece Baker

I decided to go with Grant and the guys at CSL as they presented themselves very professionally and I was pleased with the work completed. Grant addressed all of my questions & concerns and I am happy with the results.

Bobbi Champage

We had another company come out and tell us our driveway was too sunken to fix. Grant came out and told us his company could fix it. The concrete is now back up to it’s original level and we are very satisfied with the work that was done. We’re glad we got a second opinion.

Wanda & Jasper Huntington ( Airdrie )

I was referred to Concrete Specialists by a friend, they came out and raised my patio. It looks great, Thank You.

Jenna Salster ( Calgary )

Grant was a pleasure to deal with, the job looks great and I would use them again.

Marty & Stella Davies ( Calgary )

I had planned to rip out and replace my driveway, but after hearing about concrete lifting, I hired CSL to raise my driveway and it looks good as new. Extremely impressed with the results.

John MacSorley ( Canmore )

CSL did a fantastic job on our garage floor.

Jason Sealer ( Okotoks )

Very happy with the work that was done, would recommend to anyone considering concrete work. The boys at concrete Specialists cleaned up everything when they left which was nice to not have any mess.

Becky & Sal Cunningham ( Didsbury )

CSL did an outstanding job on our back patio and sidewalk. They are coming back in the spring to do our front walk.

Andy Christianson ( Calgary )

Grant and the guys at CSL did a great job, we were more very satisfied with the outcome and pricing.

Mellissa & Craig Saunders ( Okotoks )

CSL did a great job, I will use them again.

Bradley Bastura ( Airdrie, Ab)

CSL was great to work with. Grant explained everything that would be going on which allowed me to trust them to fill the void in my patio and driveway. Sure enough, they raised everything up to the pre-existing level. Very happy with everything.

Tyler & Lynn Arena ( Okotoks, Ab )

My son arranged for Concrete Specialists to come to my home and level out my garage floor. Both he and myself were thrilled with how well it turned out. Thank you CSL!

Bonnie Wilton ( Calgary, AB )

Mitch and I were very pleased with the work the men at CSL completed for us. They were there on time to do the job and when they left things were left clean and organized. We are happy to refer them.

Mitch and Stella Semenko ( Langdon, Ab )

We had quotes to fix our driveway from a few different companies in Calgary, but we’re happy that we went with Concrete Specialists. We knew from the presentation of their quote and the extra time that Grant gave us with all of our questions that this was the company to go with. They did a fabulous job and we’re using them again already for our other concrete needs at the back of the house. I would definitely recommend CSL to others.

Connor & Liz Lazorko ( Priddis, Ab )

Thanks to Concrete Specialists we now have a level walkway and our steps are not caving in. They did more than we had expected!

Sandi & Pete Edey ( Airdrie, Ab )

CSL was great, and I am happy with the work they did. I would recommend them in the future.

Sydney Morrison ( Calgary, Ab )

We are very happy with the concrete raising that Grant and his crew were able to do for us. We thought we would have to rip out our concrete and repour it, but then someone told us about CSL and that they had their drive also done by this company, so we thought we would try them, and we are so glad we did. Everything looks great, and we saved so much money by not having to rip things out.

Warren Davis & Elaine Prefontaine ( Carstairs, Ab )

We had water drainage problems on our driveway due to our concrete settling and water was pooling in the center. CSL was able to fix this problem in a few hours and we could park on the driveway the next morning.

Spencer & Dallas Cunningham ( Calgary, Ab )

This year we decided to ‘mudjack’ our garage area as it had been sinking for a few years. Concrete Specialists raised it back up to the original level and now it’s level.

Yvonne & Rick Springer ( Olds, AB )

You guys did an outstanding job on the concrete on my driveway. Thank you. I would recommend this company to anyone needing this service.

Isaac Penner ( Canmore, Ab )

Grant at Concrete Specialists was very professional and his crew did a great job. His quote was very thorough and we’re glad we chose to go with Grant. Other slab jacking companies said the work couldn’t be done, as we had a bit of a difficult situation with our sunken concrete, but Concrete Specialists were able to fix it perfectly and it looks great.

Deb & Brian Salinger ( Calgary, Ab )

We had our concrete lifted on our patio and back step. We were very happy with the results of the lifting and would recommend Concrete Specialists to anyone who is considering repairing their concrete.

Susan Royston ( Strathmore, Ab )

We decided to go with Concrete Specialists due to their quick response and professional attitude. Job was done to our satisfaction, and Drew and I are happy customers.

Pete and Drew Metcalf ( Calgary, Ab )

Upon years of debating what to do with our sunken concrete, we had Concrete Specialists come out and lift it for us. The driveway and walkway look great, we’re so glad we called.

Tara and Mike Shaw

We would recommend CSL to anyone seeking concrete repair.

Sarah and Kent Middleton ( Calgary, Ab )

This spring CSL fixed our patio, my wife and I were very pleased with the result. We are having them back to do the lower driveway.

Dan Jennings ( Black Diamond, Ab )

Concrete Specialists Ltd was a nice alternative to having to rip out our old driveway. It was poured 30 years ago and had significant damage to it. We were able to make it like new again for a very nominal price.

Ron and Barbara Coleman ( Priddis, Ab )

We had a few estimates from different companies, but in the end decided on CSL. We are so glad we did, everything looks great. We have friends who have since used CSL and are also very happy, we are pleased to refer them.

Luke and Janet Langdon ( Calgary, Ab )

CSL came out to fix my broken steps and part of my sidewalk. I was very impressed that they would come out to Carstairs and give me a quote at no charge and the work was impeccable for a reasonable cost.

Stan Gardner ( Carstairs, Ab )

I was looking for a cost effective way to fix my driveway without having to rip it out and repour it,CSL offered a nice economical solution to my needs

Linda Walker ( Calgary, Ab )

I will be recommending Concrete Specialists to my friends and family, they did a terrific job on our property, and the men were very professional.

Vern ad Sonja Dejong ( Calgary, Ab )

We were able to fix our driveway for a fraction of the cost of replacing it with concrete Specialists. We had never heard of this service before, so we had our doubts, but ended up with a very nice result, and we are so glad we had this done.

Peter and Leslie Nicholson ( Turner Valley, Ab )

Concrete Specialists slab jacked our front walkway and backyard patio. The work was done beyond our expectations, and we will recommend this company in the future.

Judy and Kye Schlesinger ( Calgary, Ab )

The men sent out to fix our stairs and driveway this year were very professional. They did their work in a timely manner and left no mess behind……which is not always easy to find these days.

Ben and Janelle Cosgrove ( High River, Ab )

I had my sidewalk and upper driveway lifted by Concrete Specialists Ltd and was very happy with the results.

Daryl Gellespie ( Calgary, Ab )

We were referred to CSL from friends of ours. We were very pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate to refer them to anyone.

Gaile and Jim Hobbs ( Calgary, Ab )

The crew at Concrete Specialists Ltd were very thorough in the work done at our property. I was happy to see what a great job they did and how quickly they were able to fix my sunken concrete so that it could be aesthetically pleasing and the foundation re-enforced.

Darla Henderson ( Airdrie, Ab )

Concrete Specialists raised up our driveway and left things immaculate. We had never seen concrete raised like this before, and were were thrilled. We will have them back to do the basement floor.

Becky and John Lansdowne ( Red Deer, Abs )

We were very impressed with Concrete Specialists Ltd. We were impressed with the professionalism they showed. We have since recommended them to friend.

Bev and Harold Johnson ( Calgary, Ab )

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