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30 Years Mudjacking

Concrete lifting
Concrete lifting, which is also known as mudjacking or slabjacking, corrects sunken and uneven concrete by creating a solid foundation under the problem area. The concrete is carefully and evenly raised to the proper height by injecting either polyurethane foam or a grout mixture underneath the sunken slab or concrete area.

Void filling
An injection of grout or polyurethane foam that fills the space between a foundation or concrete slab and the soil beneath the foundation or slab. Voids are usually caused by erosion

Soil stabilization
The treatment of soil to increase or maintain its stability or improve its solidity and strength using specialized grout or polyurethane foam. The result makes the ground stronger and more stable helping to prevent erosion and settlement.

Concrete repair
Repairing concrete rather than replacing is a cost effective solution. Sunken or unlevel concrete most times can be repaired for less cost and in less time than replacement.

Diverting water or water cut-off
Polyurethane can be used to ‘cut off’ even gushing water of high pressure and speed. It can also be used to divert water away from unwanted areas.

5 year warranty lifting concrete with grout

Just a few examples of concrete that CSL can lift and stabilize

  • Warehouse floors
  • Warehouse expansion joints
  • Commercial office space
  • Loading dock ramps
  • Bridge aprons
  • Industrial shop floors
  • Highways
  • Shop Floors
  • Roadways

Environmentally Friendly.

CSL’s specially formulated grout is safe for the environment and won’t harm plants.

Using the most up to date equipment and the latest technological advancements, CSL gives our customers superior results

Lifting of Sunken or Uneven Concrete

image of polyurethane foam injection under slabConcrete lifting has many advantages over tear-out and replacement: the surrounding landscape is left undisturbed, the procedure usually takes only a few hours, and objects do not necessarily have to be removed from the surface of the concrete. The cost of concrete lifting is significantly lower than replacement, often at 1/3 to 1/4 the cost.

CSL offers two material choices for commercial concrete lifting: grout injection or polyurethane foam injection. Each carries a 10 year warranty against any sinking or settling 1 inch or more.

With grout injection, a 2 inch hole is drilled through the concrete in several places, and a specialized grout mixture is injected, which lifts and levels the area. The corrected area can be used again several hours after the procedure.

With polyurethane foam injection, a small 3/8 inch hole is drilled through the concrete in several places, and a lightweight and very durable polyurethane foam is injected, which lifts and levels the area. The corrected area can be used again 30 minutes after the procedure.

void filling imageVoid Filling and Soil Stabilization

Areas where soil has settled leaving voids under concrete structures can lead to many future problems. Polyurethane or grout injection can be used for void filling as well as for stabilizing loose or unstable soil. Compaction grouting or permeation grouting techniques are used, depending on the situation.

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